Stick Foundation for Brown and Dark Skin

5 Reasons You Need Stick Foundation

You’ve probably heard all the buzz about foundation sticks and are wondering what it’s all about. Weren’t foundation sticks those heavy, cakey products that everyone decided were a no-no years ago?

Not today, sis! The foundation sticks of the past are gone. They’ve been reformulated and rebranded, and the stick foundations that we have now are a total must-have. In fact, if you don’t already have a stick foundation product in your makeup kit, you’re missing out on a whole lot!

Here are 5 reasons why foundation sticks are now everything you need and more in a foundation.

1. Excellent Coverage.

The lightweight consistency of stick foundations gives them a nice buildable coverage with a skin-like finish that lasts all day!

So whether your go-to is a no-makeup makeup look or you’re getting prepped for a night out with full glam, a stick foundation will always have you covered.


2. Flawless Application.

Stick foundations are formulated to be fail-safe, mess-free, and easy to blend. This means that even if you’re strapped for time and all you can afford are the bare essentials for your makeup routine on a particular day, a foundation stick will have you looking flawless regardless.

All you have to do is swipe it on, blend it out, and you’re automatically a goddess!


3. Multi-use.

These nifty little makeup sticks can do double duty as a concealer or contour product as well. So if you’re someone who’s always on the go and in need of a simple makeup routine that will take you no time at all, stick foundations are the perfect makeup item for you. They’re also great for on-the-go makeup retouches.


4. Travel Friendly.

Foundation sticks come in compact sizes that fit into any makeup bag or kit with ease. This coupled with their multipurpose feature makes them an easy travel staple.

You won’t have to struggle to fit your other makeup essentials into your kit again once you have a stick foundation or two.


5. Great for Your Skin.

There are a host of skincare benefits that you stand to gain using stick foundations. The formulas of these foundations are enriched with ingredients that nourish and moisturize your skin so that your skin not only looks good but also feels amazing.


Best Stick Foundation for Dark Skin.

The new ruling realization is that beauty is for everyone. This is why “inclusivity” is the new mantra of many brands and companies in the makeup and beauty industry; inclusivity for all complexions and skin tones, inclusivity for all skin types, inclusivity even along the lines of gender, age, and religion.

Inclusive beauty is our watchword here at Prettykind. We believe that every skin tone is beautiful and deserves love, care, and acknowledgment in the beauty industry.

This is why we have created our Dark & Pretty Stick Foundation for the makeup lovers with brown and dark skin tones. With our stick foundations that come in 10 stunning shades, you’ll never have to settle for a foundation that doesn’t match your skin tone ever again!

Our Dark & Pretty Stick Foundation is a lightweight foundation that glides on easily, providing customizable coverage with a matte skin-like finish. It is great for all skin types and is easily the best stick foundation for brown and dark skin that you will find around.

Check out more beauty content like this or shop our pretty range of makeup products that are perfect for brown and dark skin tones.

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