Natural Ingredients That Are Great For Your Hair

Natural Ingredients That Are Great For Your Hair

If you’ve had a chance to look through the ingredients for our 4-Step System and Hair Tonic, you’ll come across a lot of natural ingredients. Some, like cocoa butter, that you have seen in your other products as well and others like sea kelp that might be completely new to you.

Ever wondered what benefits these natural ingredients have to offer? Well, wonder no more. I’m about to give you a brief masterclass on what the ingredients do and the benefits you get from having them in your Prettykind products.


  • Some are Great Detanglers

Ingredients such as Marshmallow Root, Flax Seed and Slippery Elm provide tons of slip to hair products they’re added to. They have gelatinous consistency that allows them to coat the hair strands, therefore making it easier for hair strands to ‘glide’ over each other. This makes the whole detangling process a lot easier and a lot faster.

Aside from being great for detangling hair, these 3 also do a lot of other things including defining your curls. Flax seeds, for example, contain vitamin E, which has been shown to reduce free radical damage in the hair as well.


  • Some are Nutrient Powerhouses

When it comes to nourishing your strands and helping to repair damage, you really have to look no further than sea kelp, horsetail and aloe vera.

Sea kelp has become extremely popular recently due to its high iodine and potassium levels among many other minerals. It’s often taken as an oral supplement but can also be applied to skin and hair to reap some of its benefits. This nutrient-dense ingredient has been aiding in repairing dry, damaged hair and consistent use improves the look and feel of your hair (and your scalp too).

Horsetail, on the other hand, is abundant in silica: a mineral that almost all hair, skin and nails supplements contain. Silica is important because it strengthens the hair and prevents thinning. This means it helps you retain volume and because of the increased strength of your hair, also helps you retain length better.

Aloe vera is jampacked with vitamins and minerals that work wonders for your hair and scalp. It also contains enzymes that repair dead skin cells on the scalp. Aloe vera also has deep conditioning properties that leave your hair feeling extra pampered and work to calm an itchy, dry scalp.

Sea moss, also known as Irish moss, contains Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Iron, contributing to Irish Moss’  ability to improve sebum production on the scalp and fight dry scalp, and possibly even prevent hair loss.


  • Some are Moisturizing Butters

If you’ve noticed, we use a lot of plant butters here at Prettykind. Ingredients such as Cocoa butter, Kokum butter, Mango butter and more can be frequently spotted on our product labels. These thick butters are great moisturizers, doing a wonderful job of locking in moisture into the strand by forming a thick coating around your strands.

This physical barrier causes you to lose water to the environment much slower than if you didn’t have anything on. This leaves your hair feeling moisturized for hours and even days. A lot of these butters have other benefits as well though. For example:

Kokum butter enhances your hair’s elasticity, making it more manageable and less prone to damage when styling it. Cocoa butter, a great moisturizer for the skin too, also happens to smell delicious, giving a soft chocolatey scent to some of the products.


  • Some are Moisturizing, Scalp-Healing Oils

Another favourite of ours is our oils. Coupled with the butters, oils work wonders on curly and kinky hair. The oils you’ll often see in our products include Moringa oil, Castor oil, Grapeseed oil and Jojoba oil.

These oils serve a couple of different functions. First, the oils work in tandem with the thicker butters to help moisturize your hair strands, ensuring your hair stays hydrated, soft, lustrous and manageable for longer.

Another great function of these is to help moisturize your scalp. Grapeseed oil is especially great for this! This lightweight oil is just one of the oils that will help you fight any dry scalp issues you may have. Moringa oil is another great oil for fighting dry scalp.

Moringa is a lightweight, fast-absorption oil that has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce scalp scaling. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it is high in Zinc, which helps boost keratin production therefore improving hair strength.

Oils are also important for reducing frizz, especially when unravelling twist outs and braid outs. Lightweight oils such as Grapeseed and Jojoba oil work wonders for taming frizz without leaving your hair feeling weighed down.


  • Some Promote Hair Growth 

Ingredients such as Nettle Leaf Extract, Castor oil and Jojoba oil are also used in our products to encourage hair growth. These ingredients act directly on the scalp to support you with your hair growth goals, whether that is increased volume or length.

Nettle Leaf Extract encourages new hair growth and strengthens the hair, therefore, minimizing breakage. Simply put: it helps you gain, but it also helps you retain.

Castor oil has been used for decades to aid in hair growth, and it is equally popular in the natural hair community as a hair loss remedy. It contains ricinoleic acid that can help lock in moisture and promote a healthy scalp. It is thought that this compound is what works to bring about the hair growth benefits that many people have documented while using Castor oil.

Jojoba oil is chock-full of vitamins, including C, B, E and the minerals: copper and zinc. These also contribute to strengthening the hair and may therefore promote hair thickness and prevent hair loss.


  • Some Improve Your Hair’s Shine

Our star ingredient for this? Beet Sugar Extract. This little-known, wonder ingredient improves hair sheen by increasing betaine content in your hair strands by more than 40%. This increase causes your hair to have a natural, healthy glow without being or feeling oily or greasy.

Marshmallow root, chamomile and aloe vera also play a key role here. They each add a subtle, healthy sheen to your hair.


Note: Now that you know the beneficial ingredients to look out for in our products, here are a couple harmful products that we don't use in our products. This list is helpful to keep in mind even when you’re trying out other brands. Our products don’t contain silicones, parabens, sulphates, mineral oil, paraffinum/petroleum jelly and no drying alcohols.

Generally, the problem with the ingredients on our no list is that they offer a temporary fix to a problem, but then require a harsher treatment to get rid of them. These leave the hair feeling stripped and lead to a ton of problems down the line. So if you can, please avoid them.

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