The Proper Way To Deep Nourish Your Hair

The Proper Way To Deep Nourish Your Hair

Today's lifestyle has resulted in a very stressful environment which is not good for our bodies. Whether it's a temperature or any other problem, our body reacts to it. While we are quick to take care of our skin or body, we often neglect our hair health. Our scalp is part of our body that needs deep nourishing hair oil to combat all the stress and to give us beautiful hair. 

Many elements influence the health of our hair. Sleep quality, diet intake, type of comb we use, hair styling products, and the fabric of our towel are all things that matter in determining the health of our scalp and hair. When you don't apply oil to your hair, it becomes dry. Your hair becomes frizzy and static. The harmful parabens and sulphates present in some shampoos can strip off the remaining natural moisture from our hair as well. 

Furthermore, dry scalp can lead to irritation, itchy and flaky scalp. When we constantly scratch our scalp, we are damaging our hair follicles and may end up contributing to hair loss. Once hair fall begins, it can become hard to reverse it. Hence it is important to treat the cause and root problem with deep nourishing hair oil and hair oil for the itchy scalp as soon as possible. 



How to treat my dry scalp and hair?

Our hair needs nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Fatty acids, and Humectants that ensure that hair looks bouncy, frizz-free and shiny, and voluminous. Shea butter, coconut oil, almond oil, and Jojoba oil are some deep nourishing hair oil that will be beneficial in restoring your hair health. It is important to understand your hair needs and type. This will help you to develop a proper hair care routine. 

What does good hair care for dry and damaged hair look like?

Taking care of your hair is not rocket science once you find a good routine for yourself. A simplified hair routine includes four main steps, Deep nourishing hair oil, a Sulphate, and Paraben free shampoo followed by conditioner and leave in lightweight hair oil for everyday hair moisturizing. Check out the Prettykind website for a 4-step system kit and a range of deep nourishing hair oil for gorgeous and healthy hair. 

Which Pretty Kind products can I use to treat my dry and damaged hair?

At Prettykind, they understand that curly hair has different needs and requires extra care. It could be quite a task if you don't have the right products for your hair. Prettykind has a variety of products, from lightweight hair oil to hair oil for itchy scalp that are made from ingredients that are good for your curls. These three products should help you in restoring your beautiful and shiny curls. 

Pretty kind Deeply Moisturizing hair lotion- Soft & Shiny

This lotion contains grapeseed oil for curly hair. This deep nourishing hair oil, along with Corn Silk extract and Beet sugar, helps to restore hair moisture and promote hair growth. Apply this lotion on damp hair after using the shampoo bar. 

Pretty kind Ultralight Hair Oil

While deep nourishing hair oil treatments are great for our hair, they can be pretty heavy for everyday use. This lightweight hair oil contains peppermint essential oil that stimulates hair growth, Argan oil, Jojoba Oil, and Avocado oil. These oils work together to soften the hair while repairing split ends. The grapeseed oil for curly hair works like magic. It prevents frizzy hair without even weighing down your curl. It is everyday lightweight hair oil, perfect for protection from pollution. 


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