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You Are More Than Your Curly Hair

Have you ever cried while staring into the mirror because you don’t like your hair type or skin tone?

Have you ever questioned your worth based on your looks? No doubt we all have been there.

We often become our worst critics without realizing its devastating consequences. So, what’s the solution? Lucille Ball has rightly said, “Love yourself, and everything else falls into line." You are beautiful no matter what that voice inside your head is telling you, regardless of your hair type and skin tone.

We come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. You need to accept that fact and believe that you are more than your physical features. No one else is going to do that for you. Make the following affirmations daily and keep reminding yourself of how awesome you are!


I Am Confident

Confidence in your opinions, looks and work is the key to making a difference in this world. Self-confidence teaches you self-love and prevents you from comparing yourself with others. Your confidence can be contagious and generates positive energy that can positively influence others.

To maintain your confidence, you must take care of yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally as it is hard to remain self-assured when you are always burned out. 


I am a Go-Getter

Being a go-getter woman is all about putting your dreams fearlessly into action. You need to be aware that if you don't take control of your life, someone else will, so you need to have a clear vision of what you want out of life.

Every woman can envision great opportunities in the future and can make her dream a reality. Although there will be obstacles in your way, a go-getter mindset will help you to jump over all the hurdles in the way.


I Am Bold

When you believe in something, you speak up by respectfully challenging the status quo. You think, explore, and act beyond the usual limits of conventional action or thought. Not only do bold women advocate for themselves, but they also do the same for people who can’t speak for themselves.

They are persistent and driven to do the things they’re passionate about. 


I Am Resilient

Resilient women face challenges with courage. They have the resolve to bounce back from the darkest of moments. Rejection, judgments, and criticism cannot stop them from doing whatever they aspire to do. We all run into different fears throughout life, but how we tackle them makes all the difference.

Find resilience and love even if the reality is really messed up. Learn to bring your own chair to the table and carve your space. Find that resilience in you!


I Am Compassionate

Compassion has the power to change the world. Women inherently have it in them. In today’s world, when people are suffering at personal and global levels at unprecedented rates, your slightest compassion can make a lot of difference. Our ultimate goal is to be happy, and most of us who practice the art of being kind are the happiest.

Never see compassion as a weakness; instead, it is an opportunity to connect with others. You are more likely to reach your goals by lifting others.


You are more than your curly hair. Don’t fall into the trap of being perfect; instead, embrace your imperfections. Invest your energy in creating the best version of yourself that inspires others to follow your lead. Being comfortable with your hair instils confidence in you, which plays an important role in your success.

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Love you Always.

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