Our Story

Our Mission

To support women in pursuing and achieving their dreams by creating beauty products and content that boost their confidence and self-esteem.

Prettykind is designed for the person with limited time and space for a 10-step beauty routine.

As a mother and entrepreneur, founder and CEO, Toyin Okezie-Mba, created Prettykind for those who related to her streamlined approach to self-care.

Her everyday essentials uplift users to feel powerful and confident in the skin they're in.

Operating to support women through beauty products and encouraging social content, Prettykind is guaranteed to boost your confidence and self-esteem with every application.

We create haircare, skincare, makeup products, and content that build your confidence and give you the courage to be your best self.

At Prettykind, our core belief is based on Proverbs 16:24(CEV)- “Kind words are like honey; they cheer you up and make you feel strong.”


Meet Our Founder

Prettykind Founder & CEO - Toyin Okezie-Mba | Haircare for Curly & Kinky-Coily Hair | Makeup for Brown & Dark Skin

Hi, I’m Toyin Okezie-Mba – Co-Founder and CEO of Prettykind.

I didn't wear much makeup. My go-to was a mattifying pressed powder, nude lip gloss, black eyeliner, and a brown pencil for my brows. I didn’t ask for much from the beauty industry. Give me basic makeup (listed above), a few products for my kinky hair, and a body cream that keeps my skin from turning ashy, and I’m good.

I relocated from Nigeria to Canada with my husband and seven-month-old daughter in October 2017, and I brought enough of my beauty essentials to last at least one year. 

As my stash was almost depleted, I started searching for my basic makeup, haircare and skincare products at Shoppers Drug Mart, and Walmart. If you’re outside Canada, Shoppers Drug Mart is your typical neighborhood drug store chain. I couldn’t find powder in my skin tone; the brow pencils were not the right shade of brown. The haircare products made caring for my curls and my daughter’s curls a task we anticipated with anxiety.

So, I replenished my beauty stash from Nigeria. My brother bought the products and sent them to Canada. I settled into this pattern. I accepted it as normal… until the global Covid-19 lockdown in 2020, when my stash ran out at the worst time possible.

Prettykind founder and her daughter


That’s when it hit me. I live in Canada, I’m not visiting, I live here and I’m raising a daughter here who will have friends in all possible shades of skin tone.

I immediately imagined the embarrassment, frustration, and negative impact on my daughter’s self esteem when her friends can find products designed to work for them and she can’t.

You, my daughter, and your daughters shouldn’t battle low self-esteem and lack of confidence, because the market is telling us we don’t matter. Therefore, Prettykind was born.

My hope is that our products and content will build your confidence, show you that you matter and inspire you to never settle for the status quo.

We will inspire you not to change yourself to fit the mold, but to change the mold.

You are perfect just the way you are, and you deserve a beautiful life.